The Epic Tale of the Web Warriors

In the small town of Pixelton, life was peaceful, with families and businesses coexisting in harmony. One of Pixelton’s most awaited community events was the annual summer class on web design. This year’s students: Dylan, Lydia, Caleb, Megan, Shawn, and Cadence, were set to embark on a tech adventure they would never forget.

As the course began, Mr. Whitworth, the instructor, gave each student a unique “web crystal” – a token symbolizing their commitment to mastering the craft. The crystals were rumored to have dormant powers, which when unlocked, could bring forth unthinkable wonders.

Throughout the weeks, the kids learned various tools, languages, and principles of web design. They built their websites, each reflecting their passions and creativity.

But one night, the entire town of Pixelton was shrouded in a mysterious darkness. The kids were woken up by cries from the townspeople. Their families had been imprisoned in the Digital Void, a realm where time and space warp in unpredictable ways….

To continue with the story, replace the PATH in the URL with the word that fills in this blank:

The web _______________ is the readable address of a webpage that replaces the numbered IP address.

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