The Epic Tale of the Web Warriors

Dylan, the layout master, was able to craft responsive environments to navigate the ever-shifting terrains of the Digital Void. Lydia, with her flair for colors and aesthetics, painted pathways in the void, highlighting safe zones. Caleb, despite his young age, showed an uncanny ability for coding, writing scripts to unlock encrypted data doors. Megan, with her talent for user experience, anticipated traps and created intuitive signs. Shawn, the eldest, with a knack for animation, breathed life into their creations, making them move and react. Cadence, the sound whiz, tapped into the frequency of the void, using sonic waves to push back Malware’s minions.

Through their combined skills, the WebWarriors overcame challenges, from cascading style sheets that literally cascaded like waterfalls to JavaScript jungles with snake-like code lines.

However, the final test awaited at the Heart of the Void, where Malware himself guarded the main data fragment….

To continue with the story, replace the PATH in the URL with the word that fills in this blank:

The computer that a website is stored on is called a _______________.

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